Snaps College Kids Send: Guys vs Girls

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among college students, as more than three quarters of college students in the US open Snapchat on their phones at least once a day. That’s a ton of kids sending snaps every day, and you’re bound to see some repeats or snaps that are pretty similar quite often; that’s no issue, but more of a warning – college kids tend to do the same sh*t, no matter what year it is.

Just because the snaps you’ll see on most campuses will be the same doesn’t mean they aren’t fun or entertaining; in fact, the 500th snap you see from a party that weekend could be just as lit as the first. In case you forgot, college kids go hard .

That being said, let’s take a look at the ten snaps from college kids that you’ll see on almost every campus. Actually, let’s take it a step further and break it down by sex to see who’s better at Snapchatting; the guys, or the girls?

Each kind of snap will be given a score ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being an immediate swipe through and 5 being the snap of the semester. Let’s go!

The Guys

1. Gym Time

College bros love to get their swole on, and love to Snapchat it even more. If it’s the second time they’ve been to the gym that day, you know you’re it’s gonna your feed eventually; if you like to hear dudes grunting and watch them make weird faces, then these are the snaps for you!

Score: 1 – You’ll need that Men In Black memory eraser for these snaps.

2. Party/Rager

Every college kid likes to party, but I think it goes without saying that the guys take it more seriously than the ladies. College is a competition for some guys, and one way they compete is through rather unofficial drinking contests; the first one to black out is a b*tch.

When you get really turnt with your bros you love to share it with your friends, especially when one of your buddies is going nuts. Whether it’s a small group or huge party, college bros will share the hell out of their weekly turn ups.

Score: 3 – While entertaining at times, these snaps can get repetitive quicker than most.

3. Friend(s) Doing Something Stupid (And Potentially Dangerous)

We all have a story from high school where our friends got us to do something stupid/dangerous/ridiculous, or know someone who was in that kind of situation, and for the most part they’d be awesome snaps to add to your Story, but in college, it’s a little different. College kids do crazy sh*t that even high school kids would second-guess, and you’re bound to see some poor kid succumbed to peer pressure on Snapchat eventually.

While you won’t see it happening all the time, there’s usually gonna be a night where some random kid gets too hammered and gets talked into jumping off a roof or swallowing live fish; with drunk kids brainstorming these kinds of ideas, the possibilities are endless. Sadly, so is the alcohol money.

Score: 3 – These snaps can be epic or they can be total disasters; it’s relative to the drunkenness of those involved and the act itself.

4. Cooking

Most of us have our first legit cooking experience when we’re in college, and there’s definitely a learning curve, but for some reason college guys love to share their efforts on Snapchat, no matter how terrible. Undercooked chicken, overcooked steak, not fully baked potatoes, the list goes on.

Cool, you can cook, but it’s not Snapchat-worthy unless it’s something that your mom could barely pull off; if you’re not a culinary artist and your chicken is pretty dry, I’d keep it off of Snapchat and just toss that photo in the trash bin (along with your chicken).

Score: 2 – You’re either Chef Curry with the pot or you’re a blind and deaf version of Paula Dean who burns everything.

5. Driving/Walking

College bros are really imaginative and are always thinking outside of the box, which is why you’ll see plenty of snaps of dudes just walking or driving somewhere; you don’t always know the destination, but frankly, no one gives a rip. Driving and walking snaps are just a waste of everyone’s time; instead, take a snap of you walking across a rickety bridge or driving a go-cart or something.

Score: 1 – Immediate swipe through, regardless of who posted it.

The Girls

1. Girl’s Night

The ladies love to get together and drink wine, maybe even get a little rowdy; whatever the case, you’re gonna see a few snaps from girl’s night, maybe even from multiple people at the same place. If there’s a cat or dancing involved, things may soon get out of hand, so be prepared.

Score: 2 – Potentially swipe-worthy, but it depends on how far in to the night it is.

2. New Look

Just as with all other forms of social media, girls will make damn sure you’re aware of their new hairstyle or outfit, or even if she thinks her nails are on fleek. If she’s just recently gone through a breakup, you know she’s gonna look like fire emojis, so keep a look out.

Score: 3 – While these snaps can be news-worthy, freshly painted nails don’t create any gossip; it’s hit or miss here.

3. Laying There

It’s fine, we can’t (and maybe don’t want to) be busy all the time, and I know I’m a homebody, but snaps of you hanging out with your cat aren’t worth going on your Story. Go ahead and share them with a friend, but 50 seconds of you and your cat on a couch don’t cut it.

If your cat was actually a lion or a tiger that would be totally worth watching, but unless you or your cat are really cute, I think we’ll pass.

Score: 1 – Not right meow.


Hair on point, booty on fleek, outfit looking fierce; if a college chick is looking fine and feeling like Beyonce on Molly, then you know she’s gonna have at least 20 seconds of her Story dedicated to the #outfitoftheday. Whether you want to be with her, saw her that one time, or hate her guts, you’re gonna have to deal with it cause her outfit is fire emojis and she feels like showing off the good stuff.

Score: 4 – Whether you know her or not, and regardless if it’s 1 second long or 10, you’re gonna see those slutty snaps, and you might even watch them again.

5. Drinks

Whether it’s the first coffee of the day or the first handle of the night, college girls are gonna snap the sh*t out of the stuff they drink. It may seem like the snap is centered around the drink they just got at Dutch Brothers or Starbucks, but in reality, it’s not; she’s just flexing on these hoes in stealth mode: notice that the facial expression, hair, and outfit are all on point.

The snap may seem like it’s about that pumpkin spice latte, but she’s really showing the other ladies out there that she’s a force to be reckoned for; don’t let the latte fool you, that girl is a true Ice Queen.

Score: 2 – These snaps can either be worth a two second look and swipe through, or they can be a full ten second drool fest; it depends on the drink and how icey the queen feels at the time.

College students Snapchat many moments in their life, whether dull or intense, but there are some snaps that’ll pop up more often than the rest. Both guys and girls have their own patterns and things they snap the most, but which one is a better snap to watch- the guys, or the girls? That’s why we broke it down and gave each kind of snap a certain score to see who’s truly the best at Snapchat.

While the guys barely squeaked into the double digits with a score of ten, the girls managed to get the elusive Where, amassing a score of 12, which is basically an extra snap better than the guys. I think we all saw this coming, I mean come on; girls are beautiful and smart and just great overall when dudes are just boring, unimaginative, and some can’t take a selfie if their life depended on it.