Cannes City Guide

Cannes, a commune of France, is a very busy tourist destination. Designer shops, palatial hotels, luxury cruise boats, and sandy beaches are the peculiarities of this city.

The city is popular for the visit of the rich and famous personalities. But, the culture and history of the city is equally renowned. We cannot underestimate the influence of International Film Festival in this region. Every May, the city attracts the biggest stars of Hollywood. There are lots of other things in Cannes beneath this glory.

Cannes City Guide

Cannes City Guide

The Best Time to Visit
The weather is highly favorable in most of the time in Cannes. During summers, the temperature will be 30 degree CelSius. However, the percentage of rainfall will be high from March to early May. The temperature in Cannes ranges between 10-23 degree Celsius during festival season. The best time to visit Cannes is the end of June and September. The water can be a bit cold in May. The temperature will be favorable in June-October. In Cannes, July is the warmest, January is the coolest, October is the wettest, and July is the driest month.

How to Reach Cannes?
Mostly visitors reach to Cannes by arriving first at Cote d’Azur International Airport of Nice. You can find a number of travel alternatives once you reach here, which include Express Coach, coach, train, taxi, and bus. August is the peak season in Cannes. So if you are planning to visit Cannes during this month, you should book your ticket in advance. The labor strikes in Cannes are also very common, so you should be aware about it when you are planning to visit this city.

Roam around the City
If you want to explore the beauty of the city in its fullest, walking is the best and fastest option. It will also give you an opportunity to explore the hidden sights of this glamorous city. This is also helpful for avoiding the chances of missing an important place.

The bus system in Cannes is highly efficient so you need not worry about getting around this city. The buses will provide services to the city and neighboring areas. You can purchase tickets from the bus stations or on the bus. However, travelling in bus is quite expensive in Cannes.

The next possible mode of transportation to see sights in and around the city is by taxi or by car. Generally, parking is not an issue in Cannes.

Facilities for Shopping
Cannes is also famous for designer fashion and luxury boutiques. You can cover the shopping centers on foot very easily because these are located between La Croisette and rue d’Antibes. You can buy your favorite luxury boutiques and other products from here. Though some shops are costly, products are also available here at an affordable price.

Eating at Cannes
Eating at Cannes may be costly for you, but you can expect highly delicious foods from this city. Most popular restaurants have riverfront, so you can relax while eating. rue Meynadier areas are best for dining. If you are a pure vegetarian, you may feel little difficulty in Cannes because the menus of most restaurants are classify as meat, fish, nothing else.

Great weather, opportunities for lots of fun activities, beautiful beaches, interesting tourist attractions, etc are the major offers to those who visit in Cannes.

Cannes City Guide

Cannes City Guide

Places to Visit in Cannes

Located in France Cannes is an ideal holiday spot. It features both relaxing as well as adventurous attractions. Tourists never leave Cannes regretting their decision to have come there! Here are a few important places of attraction in Cannes:

La Croisette – this area is one of the most popular tourist spots. It features spectacular beaches where you can roll about in the sand or colour your skin while your kids are busy making sand castles or even cool yourself in the refreshing waves of the ocean! Besides this, there is a wide range of world-class restaurants, resorts, cafes and designers boutiques, situated along the beach where you can easily pass your time. Not only this, the Cannes Film Festival also takes place here! Its location close to the Mediterranean makes this area perfect for an adventurous day fraught with entertainment and enjoyment.

Palais des Festivals et des Congres – dating back to the 20th century, this building is located on the La Croisette and is coincidentally the one that hosts the Cannes Film Festival! Its architecture is worth admiration and its interior is large enough to accommodate 2500 people. A number of entertainment options present themselves around the Palais. It features a night club as well as a world class restaurant with sophisticated dining services. Night entertainment includes casino services too.

Plage du Martinez/Martinez Beach – this beach features a large variety of sports including parasailing, windsurfing, helicopter rides and scuba diving. Traditional parasols along with 400 sun lounge chairs line the beach for those who want to indulge in enjoying the ocean’s views rather than the sports. The hust bustle of activities found here makes this a popular tourist destination.

Musee de la Castre – a castle in its early days, this building was turned into an art museum in the 19th century. I is located in the old part of the town and its display features excellent art work whose themes are majorly the culture and heritage of Cannes. Paintings of Cannes by local artists along with 200 musical instruments, sculptures and decorative arts are also found here. Both the permanent and the temporary exhibitions are fabulous!

Have a selective choice for traveling landmarks of Cannes

As with perspective of touring the historical landmarks, buildings, monuments and places of interest in Cannes one should definitely visit the Le Suquet, the old town district of Cannes. Cannes is full of places and spots like fort, chapel and cloisters as to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this island. Some of the prominent landmarks in Cannes worth visiting are:

• La Croisette: This is an outstanding place for both visitors as well as Cannes locals. It was constructed during the 19th century. This famous promenade runs across for several kilometres and is surrounded by the clear blue Mediterranean and Lérins Islands on the one side and palm trees and grand hotels on the other side. This is indeed a very appealing spot to worth visiting at city of Cannes.

• Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins: Situated on the Ile Saint Honorat, the 3rd-century Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins is one of the ancient Christian monasteries live even now-a-days. It is situated at the peaceful setting of the island away from noises of Cannes city. It provides the feeling of real tranquility. An order of Cistercian monks still lives here today. Though some area of the monastery has been closed for the public, the abbey church remains open for public, willing to Join Mass and prayer services. The second of the two Lérins Islands is Ile Sainte Marguerite. The islands can be accessed by boats that sail from Cannes regularly entire day.

• Notre Dame d’Esperance: This 17th-century Provencal Gothic church is Cannes is famed for its fine wooden panelling and a collection of different 19th-century paintings. It is located on the top of Le Suquet Hills. There it took time to admire and showoff the beautiful views of Cannes and its bay. Saint Notre Dame d’Esperence is popular among local fishermen to heal the sick people.

• Le Grand Jas Cemetery: Its reputation has been well established for its being the largest cemetery in the South of France. It is as well is known for some beautiful stone work, where a visitor may spot mausoleums of some well-known former Cannes’ inhabitants, including Louis Pasteur and Picasso’s first wife, Olga Khoklova.

• Musée de la Castre: The Musée de la Castre is undoubtedly is the top most tourist attraction of France as well as Cannes. Situated in a medieval castle it was earlier under the control monks of Lérins. The museum has a good number of collections that involves Mediterranean antiques, ceramics, musical instruments, 19th-century Provencal art and archaeological finds. The tower in the courtyard of the museum provides a panoramic view of Cannes and the Lerins islands.

Musée de la Mer (Maritime Museum): This Maritime Museum is situated in a fort on the nearest of the Lérins Islands, St. Marguerite, close to the coast of Cannes. The fort by itself is a famous setting for the jail featured in Alexander Dumas’ movie ‘Man in the Iron Mask’. The museum is real treat to watch as underwater archaeological discoveries like Roman wrecks as well as shipwrecks of a constant and of a recent nature. There a section is also devoted and provided for temporary photographic exhibitions. The fort itself along with its ground-floor prison cells one would always love to visit.

• La Malmaison: Originally the 19th-century Grand Hôtel’s gaming room, La Malmaison’s ground floor is now devoted to temporary exhibitions of work by contemporary and modern artists. Exhibitions also feature cinematic exhibits. The museum also has a magnificent garden where works of art are displayed.

• Villa Domergue: Constructed in 1934 at the foot of La Californie Hill, this Italianate-style villa was designed by Jean-Gabriel Domergue. The Villa Domergue was devoted to the City of Cannes in 1973 and has since been opened for public during the summer months for guided tours and appreciating works of Jean-Gabriel Domergue and his wife, Odette Maudrange-Domergue.

• Mougins: It is situated just away from the 15 minutes drive from Cannes. This beautiful medieval village with its charming narrow streets, picturesque old buildings and colourful flower has been a favorite spot for artists from a longer period of time. There are many a good number of art galleries and museums exists there. There a visitor can enjoy lunch or dinner at any of the restaurants in the village.

• St. Tropez: Situated near to Cannes, the St. Tropez is a town of magnificent yachts and hospitable residents. More is added to the glamour of the city there is rather stylish hotels, restaurants and shops. That all is known to be and are considered to be shopper’s paradise. St. Tropez is said to be having around 40 different beaches and many other costal attractions. There one can relax on a sun for longer period.