17 Dumb Things to Never do on a First Date

Going on a date can be nerve wracking yet exciting (especially if it’s your first one). There are so many unknowns that you will have to discover, like is your date going to like you or are you going to like them back; are they funny or awkward; do they have good manners and can they hold a conversation and the list goes on.

The key to any dating situation is just to be you. If the person likes who you are, than you’re on the right track.

Don’t be gross. Be careful not to do things such as burping or picking your nose when you are in front of your date. A). That’s just gross and B)…that’s just gross. A date is not a time to shot how comfortable you are with your own body; it’s a time to focus on the other person (and hopefully not gross them away from your life). Also, maybe take a shower and shave before. Remember, look good…. feel good.

Do not go on a date when you are drunk. Yes liquid courage is nice, but just don’t do it. You want to be having a conversation, not slurring your words with halfopen eyes. Impress your date with your clever humor and not your lack of alcohol control. Also, if shots are a must before he gets you- put a piece of gum in.

Do not smoke. Smoke does linger and your date will notice. Lets eliminate all awkwardness you can and save the smoking for after you get your goodnight smooch.

Don’t bombard your date with questions. So many people do this, and it needs to stop. Isn’t the point of a first date to get to know each other? Yes – but getting to know each other is as about chemistry and emotional fit as it is about comparing facts about each other’s lives.

Don’t talk about family history. You mom was mean to you? Your dad is an alcoholic? We don’t need to know all this, this soon. It’s a first date. Can’t we talkabout the Weather?

Dinner and a movie are boring. This one won’t completely kill you, but it’s really not ideal. Dinner-and-a-movie dates are very square and will remind your date of every other first date they have been on instead of revealing your uniqueness. Both parts of a dinner-movie night are bad for first dates. First date dinners can be awkward — you can’t touch, and your forced to order a salad. Movies provide almost no opportunity to get to know each other.

Wonder…don’t ask. You wonder how much he makes. You wonder how he feels about children. You wonder if he’d ever consider converting. You wonder if he’d like to attend your cousin’s wedding in Seattle. Wonder away. But keep quiet
about it on the first date.

Bragging about yourself is annoying. You absolutely want your date to know about your best qualities. But you want to communicate them in a way that they find interesting and compelling, not braggy or insecure. It’s natural to talk about yourself – or blurt out anything – when you’re nervous or feel an awkward pause in the conversation (another reason to avoid dinner and a movie). You’re best off revealing your good qualities through a Love Systems technique called embedding. Tell a story about something you’d tell anyway, but fit in “incidental” details for her to “discover” about you.

Don’t be a negative Nancy. You’ve probably heard by now not to be negative about your ex-girlfriend, and that’s good advice. But it’s even better not to be negative in general. People who are negative about their life usually aren’t very happy people or much fun to be around. Be positive. It’s easy to do and will make a big difference.

Don’t bring your friend along. That’s not called a date. That’s called hanging out. Whatever you say, it’s going to be awkward. And if it’s a guy you brought, you need a huge lesson on dating.

Don’t act dumb. It doesn’t make you look cute. Going all puppy-eyed, pouting your lips is so yesterday. Act like you know what’s going on in the world and whatever you do don’t talk politics if you don’t know the difference between the two.

You are not a trophy to be earned.Okay, you’re beautiful…we get it.

Don’t talk about babies or marriage. Especially on your first date; nevertalk about things such as getting married, meeting her parents or having babies. That is weird. And there will be no second date. Talking about those things will only make your date feel uncomfortable.

Don’t talk about sex. This should be an obvious advice but don’t talk about sex on the first date (unless that’s what you only want to have sex). If you are looking for a long lasting relationship, you have to start building it on a solid foundation and sex is not that foundation. Trust me, its possible.

Do not flirt with other people. One of the most important things you should remember when you go on a date is that you should give your date all of your attention. Don’t insult your date by A.) not paying attention and B). Telling your date someone else deserves your attention. That’s just rude. And again, no second date for you.

Don’t tell them you are in love. It is crazy to tell somebody that you love him or her on the first date. Even if you believe in love at first sight, don’t do it! Your date will be freaked out, turned off, and guess what… no second date again for you.

Don’t be shy. Try to get away from your shyness when you go on a date. Remember, if your date is going out with you there is some interest on their part. Be confident and have a good time.

Check out this video to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of first dates

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